The Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity (IPSS) is an organization of psychoanalyst clinicians and scholars committed to theoretical and clinical training of professionals in psychoanalysis, as well as the publication of scholarly works.

This page contains a list of  presentations outside of the IPSS training programs by members of the IPSS community.

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Division 39, APA 
34th Annual Spring Meeting 
April 23-27, 2014, NYC

 “Controversies and Techniques in Treating Transgender Children and Adolescents.”  Scott Quasha (Preconference workshop), 4/23, 12-3:15.

“Distress, Discrepancy and Conflicts in the Origins of Disorganized Attachment.”  Beatrice Beebe (paper), 4/24, 8-9:50am.

“Revisiting Searles: Conflict and Mutual Change in the Analytic Relationship.”  Heather Ferguson and Sarah Mendelsohn  (panel).  Harris and Slavin (Discussants). 4/24, 8-9:50.

“Improvisations: Maintaining Attachment During Conflictual Moments in Treatment.” (panel) Arthur Gray and Beatrice Beebe, 4/24, 10-11:50.

“I think, Therefore I am Not Alone: The Emergence of Obsessional Thinking in Treatment.”  Amy Joelson (paper) Ruth Burtman (discussant), 4/24, 1-1:50.

“Sparks Can Fly!  Conflict, Integration, Growth: The Heart of Adolescent Treatment.” (panel).  Jackie Gotthold, Shelley Doctors, and Susi Ferderici-Nebbiosi, 4/24, 1-2:50.

“Infant Research and Neuroscience at Work in Psychotherapy.” Judith Rustin (meet the author), 4/24, 3-3:50.

“Homosexuality, Psychoanalysis, and America: Conflict Revolution and Resolutions?”  (Panel).  JP Cheuvront (Chair, moderator, Presenter).  With: Abelove, Cushman, and Layton, 4/25, 10-11:50.

“The Conflictual Nature of Desire: Perspectives and Controversies” (panel)

“Desire, Conflict, Symbol and Body: Theoretical Limits and Potentials” (paper).  Steven Knoblauch, 4/25, 1-2:50.

“From Hiding to Priding: Intergenerational Queer Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender Conflicts in Training and Supervision.” (Panel). Sandra Kiersky, 4/25, 1-2:50.

“Memory Matters: A Clinical Exploration of Memory and Mind” (panel)

“On Mattering, Materiality, and “ Transitional Memory.”  (paper) Jill Gentile
(with Slavin and Luz-Altman), 4/26, 8-9:50.

“Treating Depressive Omnipotence: How a Validating Context Shifts Conflict.” (panel)  Peter Kaufmann (moderator).  With Kaufmann and Hartman, 4/26, 8-8:50.

Childfree by Choice (panel)

“Moving Violations: The Pressure to Reproduce.” (paper) Sandra Kiersky

“Contrast in Conducting Treatment While Childfree and Not.” (paper) Ruth Burtman, 4/26, 1-2:50.

“Situating Conflict in Our Theories of Therapeutic Action.” (panel)

Jim Fosshage, 4/26, 1-2:50.

“We Need to Talk:  Addressing Conflicts in Our Relationship with the Medical Model” (panel) Orange (with Bresgi, Hoffman, McWilliams, and Safran). 4/26, 4-5:50.

“Discipline and Spontaneity in Contemporary Psychoanalysis: Different Perspectives”

Joint conference presented by The Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis and The Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity, Ferenczi Center, Wollman Auditorium, New School, New York City, Saturday, March 15, 2014

9:30am – 2:00pm co-sponsored half day conference,

The New School, Wollman Hall, 65 West 11th Street 5th Floor, NYC

Lewis Aron, PhD, Opening and Closing Remarks
Christopher Meehan, LCSW, Clinical Presentation
Julie Hyman, LCSW, Clinical Presentation
Peter Kaufmann, PhD, IPSS Discussant
Irwin Hirsch, PhD, MIP Discussant
Jeremy Safran, PhD, Moderator

“Emotional Availability and Clinical Hospitality.” APSP (Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology). March 1st, 2014, 10:00am – 1:30pm. Jung Foundation, 28 East 19th Street, NYC, NY.
Donna Orange, Presenter


Fall 2013 Scientific Meeting October 25, 2013 @ 7PM NPAP – 40 W. 13th St., NYC

“Whose Subjectivity Is It? Utilizing the Clinical Contributions of Harold Searles: Conscious and Unconscious Interaction Between Analyst and Patient”

Heather Ferguson, LCSW and Sarah Mendelsohn, LCSW (presenters)
Adrienne Harris, PhD (Discussant)

 IAPSP Chicago, October, 2013

“Is the Ethical Gendered?: A Workshop Conversation on Ethics, Sex and Gender, Self Experience, and Psychoanalytic Politics”
Donna Orange (Speaker with Elizabeth Corpt & Doris Brothers),

“The Madness of Money In and Out of the Clinical Situation”
Sandra Kiersky (Speaker with Phyllis DeAmbrosio)

“International Workshop on Child and Adolescent Treatment: Analytic Dyads, Triads, and Squares: Complexity in Connectedness when Parents Knock on the Door”
Amy Joelson (Speaker with Andrea Harms, Eldad Iddan, & Gover Kazancioglu),

“Organizing Functions of Dreaming: Pivotal Issues in Understanding and Working with Dreams”
Jim Fosshage (Speaker)

“An Exploration of Fat Phobia, Shame, and Compulsive Overeating: Understanding Obesity”
Heather Ferguson (Speaker with Caryn Sherman Meyer & Susan Klebanoff)

Keynote Address: “Progress in Self Psychology and its Impact on the Practice of Contemporary Psychoanalysis”
Anna Ornstein & Paul Ornstein (Speakers)

Plenary II: “Origins of Connectedness”
Frank Lachmann (Speaker with Scott Davis & Arietta Slade)

“From Recognition to Responsibility: The Ethical Constitution of Subjectivity”
Donna Orange (Presenter),

“On Using Pathological Structures of Accommodation in Contemporary Clinical Practice”
Shelley Doctors (Presenter),

“Addiction and Temporal Bandwidth” (Daniel Goldin, Presenter)
Bradley Jones (Moderator),

“Friend Request: The Analytic Frame Revisited” (Rebecca Harrington, Presenter)
Sandra Kiersky (Discussant)

Plenary III: “Transformations in Connectivity–Use of Skype, E-mail, and Texting in Psychoanalysis/Psychotherapy”

Jackie Gotthold & Arthur Gray (Speakers with Joseph Lichtenberg & Christine Kieffer)

“Cultural Inheritance and Adolescent Development”
Anna Ornstein (Presenter)
Amy Joelson (Discussant)

“The Irreducible Selfobject, Thoughts on Treating Artists” (Neurine Wiggin, Presenter)
Peter Kaufmann (Moderator)

“Reaching Out and Reaching In: Seeking Connectedness Within” (Maria Slowiaczek, Presenter)
Jackie Gotthold (Discussant)

“The Bonds of Empathy: Beyond the Selfobject Concept” (Frank Summers, Presenter)
Steve Knoblauch (Discussant)

“Borrowed Lives, Transgenerational Forms and Transformations of Connectedness” (Andreas Bachhofen, Presenter)
Dori Sorter (Moderator)

“Beyond the Words: Some Implicit Dimensions of Psychoanalytic Treatment – Contributions from Neuroscience”
Judith Rustin (Presenter)

“Ghostly Intrusions: Unformulated Trauma and It’s Transformations in the Therapeutic Dyad”
Heather Ferguson (Presenter)
Ruth Gruenthal (Moderator)

Plenary IV: “Reaching the Difficult-to-Connect-With Patient” (Steven Stern, Speaker)

Amy Joelson (Chair & Moderator)

Conference Summation–Final Plenary

Arthur A. Gray (Speaker with Amy Eldridge, Richard Geist, Estelle Shane, Steven Stern)


Japanese Forum for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology Conference in Hiroshima, Japan August 11, 2013.
Amy Joelson, LCSW: Child Psychotherapy: A Contemporary Self Psychology and Relational Perspective

Division 39, Spring Meeting in Boston, April 24-28, 2013 

“The Experience of Diaspora: Directions for Psychoanalysis from the Intersections of Cultures”
Adam Kaplan, Ph.D. – Which Came First, The Pathology or The Cure: The Defining Influence of Medical Culture

J.P. Cheuvront, Jr., Psy.D. – Sexual Transmission: Cultural Identity, Technology, and Border Crossings

Committee on Sexualities and Gender Identities Invited panel:  “Sexuality, Culture, and Immigration: Dilemmas and Dynamics”
J.P. Cheuvront, Jr., Psy.D. – discussant

“Embodied Potential Space: How Actual Physical Space Helps Us Create Meaning”
Malcolm Slavin, Ph.D. – Sacred prehistoric Spaces: Cave art, music and the Capacity to Bear the Human Condition
Jill Gentile, Ph.D. –  discussant and moderator

“Parental Trauma and Adult Sibling Relationships” (Irit Felsen, Presenter)
Jim Fosshage (Discussant)

International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology – Washington, DC – October 18-21, 2012

Arthur A. Gray, PhD & Marie Hellinger – Enriching the Therapeutic Engagement: A Motivational Systems Approach to Technique

Beatrice Beebe, PhD & Frank Lachmann, PhD – Infant Research and Adult Treatment

Plenary – Frank Lachmann, PhD & Mal Slavin, PhD – Is The Self An Illusion? Multiplicity, Motivation and Self Cohesion

Anna Ornstein, MD, Presenter, & Dori Sorter, PhD, Discussant – Self-Abuse and Suicidality: Clinical Manifestations of Narcissistic Rage

Donna Orange, PhD, PsyD – Discussant of Steven Stern’s “Off the Dock: Confrontation as a Form of Emergence”

Jill Gentile PhD Discussant of Jonathan Slavin’s “Memory, Mind and Mattering: Clinical and Theoretical Explorations”

Plenary – James Fosshage, PhD, & Annette Richard – Facilitating Changes in the Sense of Self

Paul Ornstein, MD- Is There Such a Psychic Constellation as a “Negative Therapeutic Action”?

Ruth Burtman, PhD – Discussant of DiAmbrosio’s “Patient & Analyst in Crisis: A Mutual Transformation Reflected in a Clinical Narrative and St. Exupery’s ‘The Little Prince'”

Shelley Doctors, PhD – Marian Tolpin’s ‘Corrective Developmental Dialogue’: Linking the Processes of Normal Development and Psychoanalytic Treatment

Peter Kaufmann, PhD – Discussant of Gibbons’ “Endings and Beginnings: Surviving Suicide from a Self Psychological Perspective”

Ruth Gruenthal, LCSW – Discussant of Sandmeyer’s “Mother of the Bride: Navigating Clinical Choice Points and Their Impact on Therapeutic Engagment”

Ann Marie Sacramone – Free Association in the Width of the Square: Building a Community Model for Developmental Change from Recognition and Responsivity

Mildred Antonelli (discussant), Trauma and the Holocaust

Adam Kaplan – Continuity of Relatedness: After the Tend of Treatment: Moving Beyond the Roadblocks of Psychoanalytic History

Doris Brothers – George Atwood’s ‘Radical Engagement”: Posttraumatic Development, and Necessary Delusions

Sandra Kiersky, PhD – Discussant of Vasquez’ “Hermeneutics of Suspicion or Hermeneutics of Trust?: The Complexity of Theory Choice in Psychoanalysis”

Arthur Gray, PhD – Living Truthfully Under Imaginary Circumstances: The Impact of Improvisation in Psychoanalysis

Jackie Gotthold, PsyD – Discussant of Golomb-Haalman’s “Oren Builds a House”

J. P. Cheuvront – Discussant of Pucini’s “Being with the Other: The Deep Relationship Between Amedeo and His Analyst”

Amy Joelson, LCSW – I Think Therefore I Am Not Alone: The Emergence of Obsessional Thinking in the Treatment of a Child

Hilary Maddux – Adrienne Rich’s ‘Transcendental Etude’: The Poetics of Self Transformation

Plenary – Bob Stolorow, Donna Orange (with Roger Frie and John Riker) – Our Philosophers Consider: What Is Meant By Self?

Closing Plenary – Jim Fosshage & Donna Orange (with Bill Coburn, Estelle Shane, and Joe Lichtenberg)

Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis – April 28, 2012

Shelley Doctors, PhD – Understanding Brandchaft’s Pathological Accommodation: Theoretical and Clinical Perspectives.

Shelley Doctors, PhD – Learning from Brandchaft, the clinician: Whose Self Is It Anyway?

Shelley Doctors, PhD – Revisiting Marian Tolpin’s Corrective Emotional Experience: A Self Psychological Reevaluation. Presented at APSP in New York City

Division 39 Conference – Santa Fe, NM – April 18-22, 2012 (Sandra Kiersky, PhD Conference Co-chair)

Jim Fosshage, PhD – Organizing Model: Pivotal Issues in Understanding and Working with Dreams

Jill Gentile, PhD – Creative Flow: Psychoanalysis, Art and the Space Between (Discussant)

Steven Knoblauch, PhD – Creating a Shift from Boundary Violation to Therapeutic Action: The Analyst’s Erotic Experience (Discussant)

Jacqueline Gotthold, PsyD, Dori Sorter, PhD, Amy Joelson, LCSW – Creating New Contracts in a Preventive Psychoanalysis: A Clinical Consideration of Systems of Pathological Accommodation

Jim Fosshage, PhD – Focusing on Clinical Process that Includes a Dream: Different Relational Perspectives

Sandra Kiersky, PhD, Ruth Burtman, PhD – The Masculinity Mystique (Discussant & Moderator)

Frank Lachmann, PhD – Chills, Thrills, Goosebumps, and Therapeutic Action

Jill Gentile, PhD – Oh Baby, Oh God: Loss, Lennon, and Winnicott’s “I AM”

Peter Kaufmann, PhD, Jenny Kaufmann, PhD – The Clinician’s Creativity in Restoring the Patient’s Creativity: Engaging with the Patient’s Disavowal

Sarah Mendelsohn, LCSW – No-Mad Poet: A Brief Treatment Narrative and a Live Demonstration of Poetry, Self-Discovery and Surrender

Adam Kaplan, PhD, Ruth Burtman, PhD, J.P. Cheuvront, PsyD – Inclusivity, Demarginalization and Creativity: Envisioning a 21st Century Psychoanalysis

J.P. Cheuvront, PsyD – Committee on Sexualities and Gender Identities Invited Panel – Themes & Variations on Creative Relationships

IARPP Conference – New York, NY – March 1-4, 2012

Beatrice Beebe, PhD – Organizing Principles of Face-To-Face Communication in Infant Research & Adult Treatment

Heather Ferguson, LCSW & Judith Rustin, LCSW – Neuroscience and Eating Disorders: A Clinical IntegrationPeter Kaufmann, PhD & Jenny Kaufmann, PhD – Extending Mitchell’s “Delicate Balance” to Transform the Reparative Quest

Ruth Gruenthal, MSS, MSW – Transformations in Psychoanalysis: The Role of Shame and Forgiveness (Discussant)

Donna Orange, PhD, PsyD – Response to the Other: Developmental Enactment As A Bridging Concept Between Self Psychology &Relational Psychoanalysis

Steven Knoblauch, PhD & Sandra Kiersky, PhD – The Roles Of Time & Space In Psychoanalytic Theory & Practice Speakers (Speaker/Discussant)

Jim Fosshage, PhD – On the Subject of Subjectivity

Neil Skolnick, PhD – Can Love Last? Re-Imagining Love (Discussant)

Shelley Doctors, PhD & Jacqueline Gotthold, PsyD – Relational Adolescent Psychotherapy: Creating Connections

Deborah Sherman, MS & Mary Sonntag, LCSW – Shamed Bodies, Unsettled Genders

Howard Bacal, MD – Specificity Theory in Clinical Practice

Dori Sorter, PhD – Relational Approaches to Parenting Interventions (Discussant)

Arthur Gray, PhD – Truth and Consequences: Reality as a Relational Construction

Conference co-sponsored by The Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity and The Sandor Ferenczi Center.  February 2, 2013. The New School, NYC.

“Truth or Consequences in Psychoanalytic Treatment: The Analyst’s Intimate Experience and the Patient’s Mind”

Paper presentations by Jill Gentile, Ph.D., and Jonathan H. Slavin, Ph.D., ABPP
Panel discussions by Jody Davies, Ph.D, and Shelley Doctors, Ph.D.
Moderated by Peter Kaufmann, Ph.D.