IPSS was founded by a group of practicing clinicians to establish a unique, advanced psychoanalytic training opportunity in which the principles of self psychology were not only taught, but were also integrated into the practices and structure of the institute. Accordingly, we decided to avoid the hierarchical organization found in other training programs. At IPSS, there is no sanctioned group of “official” training and supervising analysts. We are confident that, 5 years after graduation, all graduates of our program are qualified to supervise and treat candidates. In addition, instead of the case summary to graduate required by many other institutes, we mentor candidates to write a paper of publishable quality. We believe that the experience of writing a paper of such high caliber prepares our graduates to launch their career into the wider psychoanalytic community. Our aim is to train and graduate psychoanalysts who are sensitive clinicians, knowledgeable theoreticians, and contributors to the field of psychoanalysis. To that end, we prepare our graduates to be conversant in all psychoanalytic theories of treatment. Although many members of our faculty are part of the larger self psychology community, our courses and training are broadly encompassing, including the diversity of other psychoanalytic viewpoints. Challenges, questions, and personal affinities towards any and all psychoanalytic theories and practices are encouraged. We want our graduates to understand each theoretical viewpoint from within its own perspective.

It is the overarching mission of the faculty of IPSS to fully train our graduates to convey to the psychoanalytic community at large, the value of opened minded listening and empathic immersion that is equally applicable in psychoanalytic treatment, training and discourse.