Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

7:30PM – 9:30PM

The Need for Rough and Tumble Play in Psychoanalysis
Dr. Andrew M. Eig, Ph.D, ABPP – presenter
Heather Ferguson, LCSW and Peter Kaufmann, Ph.D – discussants

The belligerent patient poses a challenge to psychoanalysts. In working with an aggressive young man, I describe how I use rough-and-tumble play to meet his verbal assaults, downregulate his emotions, and create space for mentalization. Deflecting and redirecting his hostility led to new relational possibilities and his enhanced capacity for self-reflection. . I discuss the implications for the use of rough-and-tumble play with certain patients to develop mutuality, deepen interpretive work, and enhance their reflective functioning.


71 W 23rd St., Ste. 1400, New York, NY 10010


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Dr. Andrew M. Eig, Ph.D., ABPP is a clinical psychologist, group therapist, and psychoanalyst in private practice in New York City. He teaches and supervises in the doctoral and postgraduate programs at the Derner Institute for Advanced Psychological Studies. He also supervises at the National Institute for Psychotherapy (NIP). Dr. Eig’s current writing interests are on the therapist’s use of play and improvisation, the transmission of intergenerational trauma, and the ontological mode of exploration in group and individual therapy. Dr. Eig is past president of the American Board of Group Psychology (ABGP) and is on the board of directors for the Group Division of NYSPA. He is in private practice in downtown Manhattan.

Heather Ferguson, LCSW, is faculty and supervisor at the Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity, the National Institute for the Psychotherapies, and faculty at the Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis Certificate Program in Trauma Studies, NYC.  She is Co-Book Review Editor for Psychoanalysis, Self and Context , and has chapters in Ghosts in the Consulting Room: Echoes of Trauma in Psychoanalysis, (Eds, Harris, Kalb, and Klebanoff) and Art, Creativity, and Psychoanalysis: Perspectives from Analyst-Artists, (Ed., Hagman). She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and member of the Music Industry Therapist Collective (MITC) and maintains a private practice in New York City.

Peter Kaufmann, PhD is faculty and supervisor at IPSS and NIP and co-coordinator of the IPSS four-year program. He has a particular interest in comparative psychoanalysis and in efforts to integrate the clinical approaches and sensibilities represented by different theoretical perspectives.  He also has published several papers including “The Guilt of Tragic Man”, “Working with Men Who Please Too Much”, and “On Transforming the Reparative Quest” that reflect his additional interest in the topics of mourning and pathological accommodation. Along with Jenny Kaufmann, he has written recent papers, “Emerging from the Shadows of Parental Narcissism”, “We have Met the Enemy and It Is Us” and “A Battle Cry for Our Moment: Revisiting the Two Analyses of Mr. Z”., that explore the clinical issues and process involved in working with the effects of traumatic narcissism.  Recently too, “A Battle Cry” and a memoir article, “COVID Memorial Day Resolve”, have been published in Psychoanalysis, Self and Context.

2 Continuing Education Credits for Social Workers & LMHC’s