Spring meeting in New York City.

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Listed here are members of IPSS who will be presenting at Division 39:

Division 39, APA 
34th Annual Spring Meeting 
April 23-27, 2014, NYC

“Controversies and Techniques in Treating Transgender Children and Adolescents.”  Scott Quasha (Preconference workshop), 4/23, 12-3:15.

“Distress, Discrepancy and Conflicts in the Origins of Disorganized Attachment.”  Beatrice Beebe (paper), 4/24, 8-9:50am.

“Revisiting Searles: Conflict and Mutual Change in the Analytic Relationship.”  Heather Ferguson and Sarah Mendelsohn  (panel).  Harris and Slavin (Discussants). 4/24, 8-9:50.

“Improvisations: Maintaining Attachment During Conflictual Moments in Treatment.” (panel) Arthur Gray and Beatrice Beebe, 4/24, 10-11:50.

“I think, Therefore I am Not Alone: The Emergence of Obsessional Thinking in Treatment.”  Amy Joelson (paper) Ruth Burtman (discussant), 4/24, 1-1:50.

“Sparks Can Fly!  Conflict, Integration, Growth: The Heart of Adolescent Treatment.” (panel).  Jackie Gotthold, Shelley Doctors, and Susi Ferderici-Nebbiosi, 4/24, 1-2:50.

“Infant Research and Neuroscience at Work in Psychotherapy.” Judith Rustin (meet the author), 4/24, 3-3:50.

“Homosexuality, Psychoanalysis, and America: Conflict Revolution and Resolutions?”  (Panel).  JP Chevront (Chair, moderator, Presenter).  With: Abelove, Cushman, and Layton, 4/25, 10-11:50.

“The Conflictual Nature of Desire: Perspectives and Controversies” (panel)

“Desire, Conflict, Symbol and Body: Theoretical Limits and Potentials” (paper).  Steven Knoblauch, 4/25, 1-2:50.

“From Hiding to Priding: Intergenerational Queer Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender Conflicts in Training and Supervision.” (Panel). Sandra Kiersky, 4/25, 1-2:50.

“Memory Matters: A Clinical Exploration of Memory and Mind” (panel)

“On Mattering, Materiality, and “ Transitional Memory.”  (paper) Jill Gentile

(with Slavin and Luz-Altman), 4/26, 8-9:50.

“Treating Defensive Omnipotence: How a Validating Context Shifts Conflict.” (panel)  Peter Kaufmann (moderator).  With Kaufmann and Hartman, 4/26, 8-8:50.

Childfree by Choice (panel)

“Moving Violations: The Pressure to Reproduce.” (paper) Sandra Kiersky

“Contrast in Conducting Treatment While Childfree and Not.” (paper) Ruth Burtman, 4/26, 1-2:50.

“Situating Conflict in Our Theories of Therapeutic Action.” (panel)

Jim Fossaghe, 4/26, 1-2:50.

“We Need to Talk:  Addressing Conflicts in Our Relationship with the Medical Model” (panel) Donna Orange (with Bresgi, Hoffman, McWilliams, and Safran). 4/26, 4-5:50.